A conversation with Estrella de Mar Cofounders

Emily Pinto and Julie Savoie talk about the story behind the brand, inspiration, and challenges in a feature on the empowering blog She Changes Everything, check it out here

Sneak Peak:

What does your name, Estrella de Mar, mean and how did you choose it?

JULIE - Estrella de Mar means “starfish” in Spanish. We wanted a name that reflected our desire to create authentic, one-of-a-kind items that inspire wanderlust. We both love to travel and the carefree, natural lifestyle that can be found near the water, so Estrella de Mar was chosen.

EMILY - There is also a beautiful fable adapted from The Star Thrower about a boy who is throwing starfish back into the sea after they've washed ashore. An older man comes along and tells him his efforts are futile because more will inevitably wash ashore. He is not phased because he wants to make a difference for any that he can. "It matters for this one," he says holding up a single starfish.

It's a great reminder that you can't do everything, but you can do something- and you should.