We believe that handmade is the ultimate luxury. 


We believe in preserving indigenous textile traditions. We believe that the fashion industry should be socially just and sustainable. Love is the message, fashion is the medium.



Emily Pinto


Julie Savoie



In 2012, we founded Estrella de Mar. Before we met, each of us visited Guatemala and fell in love with the extraordinary, traditional textiles made by artisans and the richness of the Mayan culture. Later we learned that we shared a passion for creating a socially and environmentally conscious fashion brand that would utilize the traditional skills of artisans in Guatemala. By creating more demand for the work of the artisans, we aid in preserving their important cultural textile traditions. These artisans are hugely talented and hardworking, but in need of access to international markets in order to have a sustainable income. 

Estrella de Mar features an original collection of accessories as well as a curated collection of treasures in the fashion and home accessories categories. All of our products are produced by artisans in Guatemala, mostly women, who are paid fairly for their work. These women are survivors of the Guatemalan Civil War, which was characterized by horrific human rights abuses. Their resilience and commitment to bettering their communities is truly inspiring. 

We chose worker-owned weaving cooperatives and small family businesses because they share our commitment to ethical, sustainable production practices and high-quality results. The handmade process of making these products is labor intensive, however it is truly a labor of love. When something is handmade there is a personal touch and a little bit of soul that goes into it, making it more meaningful and more valuable. We find and create collectable, handcrafted goods that meet the needs of the sophisticated, conscious consumer who has a flair for the bohemian.